We understand that the only reason Troy Crossfit exists is because of the members. We are extremely grateful and joyous for the opportunity to be a part of each member’s life and we thank you for choosing us. Our goal is to express this gratitude everyday to every member. Our staff is welcoming, supportive, motivating, […]


We are excited about this gym, our careers, and the opportunity to help our members pursue their goals. Our energy is infectious and you can count on us to provide motivation on your toughest days.


We are honest and transparent in all of our policies, procedures, and interactions. We own up to our mistakes and will do our best to correct them. We are honest with ourselves about our capabilities and weaknesses and strive to never over-promise and under-deliver.


We strive to provide our members with an experience that is nothing short of excellent. In order to maintain excellence we will continually seek routes to educate ourselves in the areas of human movement and business. You can count on arriving to a clean facility, greeted by a staff prepared to deliver the best quality […]

Individualized Intensity

The key to results is intensity. We understand that this is relative to each person. We make it a point to understand the capabilities and limitations of each athlete so that we can tailor the day’s workout to maximize the intensity and experience for each of you, yielding results.

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  • 2400 sq ft Gym Floor
  • Classes 7 Days a Week
  • 70 Minute CrossFit Classes with Recovery in Mind
  • Child Sitting Services with Kids Area
  • Located Near 8 and 5 Freeways
  • Ample Parking
  • Retail Shop
  • Ahtlete Lounge

What is Troy CrossFit?

At Troy, CrossFit consists of two equally important pieces, the methodology, and the community.

The CrossFit prescription is “constantly varied, high-intensity, functional movement.” This means that the workouts are different on a daily basis with the goal of building a broad, general, and inclusive fitness. Intensity is the key to great results. Workouts are performed at a high intensity and effort level relative to each individual. The movements we perform are functional meaning that they mimic and build strength in common activities that we partake in our everyday lives. Finally, we record our results so that we can prove progress through measurable, observable, and repeatable facts.



“Troy is a breath of fresh air! Very friendly coaches and owners and the progressions in class were intelligently planned. Now my favorite gym in San Diego! Thanks for having us!” – Matthew Y. (Out of State CrossFit Affiliate Owner)

Weights 3
Matthew Y.

“Troy (the gym): Very nice facility on Sports Arena Blvd. Knowledgable coaching staff who provides an explanation on the execution and standards of movements beforehand. They love what they do and it shows with their enthusiasm

Troy (the gym’s namesake): the kid has smiles for days and it is very contagious- it’s awesome to see that he is able to grow up along side a positive and supportive community such as the one CrossFit provides here in Southern California.” – Brian M. (CrossFitter at Northern San Diego Affiliate)

Weights 3
Brian M.

“GREAT CrossFit gym! Logistically, the location is really convenient and there is plenty of parking. Aesthetically, the space is cool, big and open with plenty of space to run around and toss weights. Fundamentally, it works. Friendly, knowledgeable coaches who plan scaleable workouts that will kick your butt no matter what your level, but will be achievable and safe for everyone. Every 70 minute class includes a warm-up, strength or skill, WOD and cool-down and every exercise is broken down in detail. They offer two WOD options, one “Power” option for those who are comfortable with Olympic lifting movements and one “Core” option that’s less technical for those who are beginners, working on the skill, coming back from injury, or want a lighter day. Highly, highly recommended!” Annie S. (Local Fitness Enthusiast)

Annie S.

“No “gymtimidation” here!! Troy Crossfit’s coaches, staff, and members are some of the warmest, most passionate people I have ever met. Every person who walks through those doors is treated as part of the “family.” The workouts are always challenging, varied, and accessible with scaling options for all fitness levels. The coaches are knowledgeable, attentive, patient, and amazing athletes themselves. The facility and equipment are always immaculate. My children are welcome to attend with me and to watch from the “Troy Kids” area, which is not something you find in many crossfit gyms. Every time I leave Troy Crossfit, I feel encouraged, empowered, challenged, and ready to take on the day. Whether you are new to crossfit or looking for a new gym home, Troy is your place!” Chasity H (Troy CrossFit Member)

Chasity H.

“Love love love everything about this gym! From the staff to the other members, everyone has such a great, positive vibe. The coaches truly take the time to make sure you understand and are comfortable with the workout. There’s something for everyone! From the experienced to the beginner, once you give this gym a try you’ll be hooked! Thank you Troy Crossfit!” – Tianah M. (Local Fitness Enthusiast)

Girl Weight Back
Tianah M.

“What coaches Derrick, Hector, Vianney and the Troy CrossFit team have created is truly unique!

Taking the CrossFit methodology and combining it with a personalized approach to meet me right where I’m at is extremely important to me.

With both my wife and me being former athletes with nagging injuries, and the current demands of work and parenthood, we feel we have found not just a gym, but a community that values what we value. And provides a positive and encouraging environment for us to pursue our own health goals while modeling that for our children as they cheer us on during works.

Thank you Troy CrossFit!” – John S (Troy CrossFit Member)

John S.

“I couldn’t ask for a better community, better coaches, or better programming. Troy CrossFit really makes it a point to get to know their athletes, and coach them in a fun and safe environment. Anyone who is looking for a new box, or is just frustrated that they haven’t found the right box needs to check out Troy CrossFit. This is the best CrossFit gym, with the best coaches out there!” – Jenny S. (Troy CrossFit Member)

Girl Crossfit
Jenny S.