3 Key Nutrition Strategies to Keep it Simple

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3 Key Nutrition Strategies to Keep it Simple

One of the best strategies to learn is to keep it simple. This can be applied to almost everything we do in life. Most of us see this within the gym when we are training and the WOD on paper doesn’t look so bad. 

For Time:


Power Clean 

Bar Facing Burpees

Two simple movements to us and then suddenly we are sprawled out on the floor having one of the greatest workouts we have had all week. How did this happen? It was simple and we didn’t have to think of much, but hitting that GO button.  

With keeping your food strategies simple, it will help you think less, and help you make better, easier, decisions with your food.

All it takes is setting aside a bit of time to prepare some healthy food choices in advance that will set you up for success and give you more free time during the week.

Strategy #1: Sunday Meal Prep

Often times a day when people are free, are more relaxed and have more time to devote towards certain tasks they had missed during the week. Most of the time we are also looking ahead to strategize for the upcoming week. 

Of course you do not have to do this on Sunday and can choose any other day of the week that you like. With whichever day you choose, set aside 2-3 hours once a week towards this ritual.

Look at your schedule for the week.

What are some challenges you might face during the week that will challenge your nutrition?

Are there certain busy events that need special preparation or strategizing?

Come up with a menu for the next couple days.

This is where you can get creative with some recipes that you might want to try for the week. Maybe finding an old recipe your mom used to make that you could tweak towards your goals. Or maybe an awesome Pinterest find that you get the opportunity to create a healthier option for.

Build your shopping list from your menu.

By building a list and sticking to it, it will set you up for success by being efficient with your time and helping you stay away from having any non goal supporting items enter your shopping cart. This way you stock up on what you need for the week. You can also take this opportunity to stock up on “Emergency” items, such as frozen vegetables and fruits that can be easily stored and utilized in a pinch. 

Time to prep and cook.

Get that menu out and start creating your masterpiece! When you are at this point make sure to utilize your time accordingly. Try throwing some of your meats into the slow cooker or even creating one-pot meals so that you can split them into containers to be frozen or refrigerated. 

With these strategies do what works best for you and keeps things simple. These pre prepped meals are to help set you up for success when unexpected challenges hit you in the middle of the day. 

Strategy #2: Creating a Daily Ritual

Sometimes it takes as much time to prepare your daily meals as it did making your Sunday prepped meals. Suddenly you are in the kitchen for 2-3 more hours than you had expected and have only one meal in front of you.  

Of course not everyone has an extra 2-3 hours a day to set aside for making breakfast or dinner. We have some busy lives. 

So you can take a page out of the Sunday Meal Prep and prep for your Daily Ritual.

Overnight Oats

This trend has made breakfast even simpler. Just grab your hipster approved mason jar and pour in your rolled oats and mix of whatever trend balanced recipe of flaxseed, cinnamon or protein powder. Have a couple of these set aside in the refrigerator and mix with water and microwave when ready.

Egg Mix

Blend up some eggs and maybe even throw in some vegetables in a blender. Pour it all into a container to keep in the fridge. Pour and cook as needed. 

Mason Jar Salad

Another awesome mason jar trend is salad prep. Pour your salad dressing in the bottom of the jar then follow it up with veggies, more greens, or even some lean protein, etc. Make sure the jar stays refridgerated and upright throughout the day and when you are ready to eat it shake it up and pour it out into a bowl or even eat it out of the jar. 

It does not take too much more time to prepare a few extra things, so try and prep in bulk wherever possible. 

Strategy #3: Healthy meals made for you

Many grocery stores now offer a wide range of grab and go meals. Salad bars or hot bars with pre cut and washed vegetables and individually portioned out protein. Short of you breaking out your food scale and weighing and measuring the food you can get a very well balanced meal if you are short on time.  

Another course of action would be to even sign up for a healthy meal delivery service, even if for 4-5 meals a week. If you just cannot squeeze out the extra couple hours to prepare your meals due to your busy schedule you might find that employing these services would be worth the money. It might just mean the difference between a nutritious and delicious lunchtime salad and another regrettable fast food run. 

Pure Meal Prep - Meal Delivery Services

At Troy CrossFit we partnered with Pure Meal Prep SD as our meal prep delivery service company. They are based out of San Diego and Chef Brett and his wife, Cassie, are amazing! With their services they offer a variety of options and even delivery to your home or the gym for your convenience. 

Do what works best for you and helps you achieve your goals.

-Coach Abdul