Plan to Act

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Plan to Act

One of my favorite movie scenes of all time is from Any Given Sunday. Head Coach Al Pacino gives a famous half-time speech to his football team, The Miami Sharks. He specifically mentions that life is a game of inches, implying that those who are going to win games and/or succeed in life are willing to die for the inches. Because, the inches add up. The movie is decent but this speech has always stuck with me. It always gets me pumped up. It always gives me the chills.


A new year is upon us and it will arrive in less than two days. I’m not a fan of New Years resolutions. I think that they are comparable to using the words “I need to…” Saying “I need to” is the equivalent of saying “I’m not doing.” You’re admitting a need without a plan or an action statement to address the need. It is proven that “I need” statements actually induce high stress in our lives. New Year’s resolutions often fail because there is no action plan behind the statement. But just because New Year’s resolutions stink doesn’t mean that we can not take advantage of a new year and a new start. The new year is a great time to reflect on the past 365 days of our lives. What worked? What didn’t work? Where did we take action? Where did we fail to take action? Where did we fall off? Why did we fall off? Did our plan fail? Did we fail to plan?


I love Al Pacino’s speech but I also disagree with it slightly. I believe that life is a game of millimeters. The inches are around us and when we look for them we can see them. The inches are what everyone likes because it equates to immediate results and instant gratification. The millimeters we can’t see. The millimeters don’t present themselves clearly or immediately. They disguise themselves as hard work, dedication, discomfort, unpopularity, discipline, and frustration. Sometimes they’ll feel like a waste of time or regression. The visible inches are what everyone can have. We all see those, so they are a wash. The difference makers are those millimeters. They add up. To visible centimeters, meters, kilometers over a lifetime. Millimeters are earned. Earned by sticking to your personal code of ethics even when it may not be what’s popular. Earned by saying no. Earned by helping. Earned one penny at a time. Earned by fighting for one more millimeter in your front rack. Earned by dialing back weight in order to preserve your positioning. Earned by being willing to admit that we do not know all and therefor we can learn from all.


This New Year, reflect back. Also, look forward. Where can we jump into the fight for millimeters? What will that look like immediately? What will that look like 5 years from now? Use this as a time to choose a new battle. It will be a battle. Make a plan. Know that it may not be fruitful right away but have faith that it will all add up to something amazing later, something that not many others will be able to experience because they weren’t willing to get into the fight.


Nutrition is a battle that we all face. Many times we quit that battle. If this is a battle that you’ve walked away from, we are here to help you with our Nutrition Prescription Challenge. This Challenge is not a resolution. Unlike resolutions, this challenge comes with a PLAN, benchmarks, accountability partners, checkbacks, resources and fun. While 30 days isn’t a period of time where we will see the end result we are looking for, it is enough time to grab some of those millimeters and even see them add up to something substantial. It is enough time to see the difference that solid nutrition plays in your life, how you feel, how you sleep, how you perform, how you treat others, and how you look. It is enough time to build the foundation, one millimeter at a time, upon which you will treat your body for the rest of your life. If you are looking to get back into this battle with a team and a great plan, we are here for you, as guides and participants. I look forward to continuing to battle with you all in 2019. The Troy team wants to be a guide for you and in turn learn from each of you as well. Happy New Year!

-Coach Derrick


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