To us, Troy stands for community, courage, and strength.

As parents to Troy Yamada, Derrick and Vianney envisioned opening a gym where Troy could grow up surrounded by these characteristics and all of the positivity and growth that comes along with being part of a Crossfit community.

It made so much sense to develop a concept that was meaningful to our family but also a place where we can live out our passion to help other through health and fitness. We came up with Troy Crossfit, a gym where everyone is welcome and everyone works towards their individual goals together. Our success will be a byproduct of yours.

What is Troy CrossFit

At Troy, CrossFit consists of two equally important pieces, the methodology, and the community.

The CrossFit prescription is “constantly varied, high-intensity, functional movement.” This means that the workouts are different on a daily basis with the goal of building a broad, general, and inclusive fitness. Intensity is the key to great results. Workouts are performed at a high intensity and effort level relative to each individual. The movements we perform are functional meaning that they mimic and build strength in common activities that we partake in our everyday lives. Finally, we record our results so that we can prove progress through measurable, observable, and repeatable facts.

The CrossFit Community, consisting of staff and members, is the second piece that is vital to your progress. Our friendly coaching staff will guide you each day, individualizing the workout’s movements, reps, and weights so that you can perform with your best efforts. The coaches will support and encourage you. Most importantly, they aim to keep you safe, providing high-quality movement instruction and holding you accountable for the best movement that you are capable of on each day.  The members of our community are a group of support, accountability, and friendship. We all achieve more when we have others with us enduring the same journey. You will meet friends that push and inspire you to work hard and that look forward to seeing you tomorrow at the same time and place.

In our eyes, there is nothing better in the fitness industry than an effective and timely workout, done in a team-like atmosphere of support and encouragement, delivered by high-quality coaches.

Troy CrossFit spans 4,000 sq feet and includes the following:

  • 2400 sq ft Gym Floor
  • Athlete Lounge
  • Retail Area
  • Kids Area