Eating Eggs

About a year ago, we had a question of the day: What do you do to get your nutrition back on track when you’ve fallen off? There were a lot of great answers that day that I’m sure they were helpful for those listening attentively. As one of the coaches that day, I heard many […]

Get Outside

I am looking forward to this San Diego Spring and Summer. We live in one of the world’s main destination cities, San Diego. Living in SD, we tend to forget that millions of people, every year, save their hard earned money to come here and enjoy their vacation time. The weather is generally awesome, not […]

What Now?

The 2019 CrossFit OPEN has come to an end. 5 Weeks of workouts that either pushed us to the max, slowed us down substantially, or shut us down completely. The Open, while a benchmarking opportunity, shows us where there is opportunity to improve. We ask ourselves, “How can I be better at that workout next […]

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