Need A New Jump Rope?!

THE BEST EQUIPMENT FOR YOUR TRAINING   If you experienced the recent double under workout, you know that double unders are a challenge no matter what level you’re at. If you’ve never done one before, they can be extremely frustrating to get the first one. And even when you have some experience with them, the […]

Stress & Digestion

STRESS We are all currently facing such crazy and out-of-the-norm times right now due to the global pandemic. Some of us lost our jobs and cannot find a new one in sight, some are still working from home, and some are hoping our job stays put as long as possible. We have also lost our […]

This is for the MOMS!

When it comes to the demographics in the gyms, I certainly will always have a soft spot in my heart or the moms of Troy. The moms always have given me sage advice, a kind ear to rant about something my wife does, and hilarious stories of some insane thing their kids are up to. […]

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