Building a Foundation for Complex Movements

Some movements frustrate us more than others. Often times they are the more complex movements like a snatch or a bar muscle up. We want so badly to master it, so we spend time on it, usually repetition of that movement, hoping that we’ll get better at it. This approach is a long road of […]

Maximize Your Attack with Quality

Which movements in the gym inspire you? Scare you? Frustrate you? Have come easy? Seem elusive? The answers to these questions probably point you in the direction of your strong suits and weaker ones. Everyone has strengths and weaknesses. They are apparent in all facets of our lives. In the CrossFit gym it is a […]

The Traveler’s Guide to Prioritizing Your Fitness

Two things that I really love are traveling and working out. I really like to work out when I’m traveling. Not only is it fun (I’ve got to fulfill my workout addiction) but it’s actually a very important thing to prioritize. If you’re vacationing, it’s a great way to maintain your momentum and burn off […]

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