Are You Giving or Taking?

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Are You Giving Or Taking?

We are either giving or taking.

Give as much as possible and take when you need it.


Energy is powerful. It can be felt to massive degree. It lights up cities. It propels rockets into space. It causes tremors across hemispheres that have destroyed entire civilizations. Energy can also be felt to smaller degrees. A twinkle in an eye. A genuine smile. A well timed hello, how are you today?


As humans, we are rarely stagnant. We are most often busy getting better or busy getting worse. We are giving energy or taking it. What type of person do you want to be? Do you want to give or take?


There are times when all of us need energy from others. Maybe life has hit us hard and we need a friend’s ear. Maybe we need help from our family to get back on our feet after a life changing event. Maybe life has hit you hard and you need some help. By all means take energy. Your friends and family want to help you, and you would do the exact same for them.


However, taking should be temporary. Don’t make it your daily habit. Taking as a habit is exhausting, draining, not just for you but for everyone around you. Instead, choose to be a giver. Give energy and delight to those around you. Say hello. Say their name. Ask how they are. Build a relationship of reciprocating energy amongst one another. Build the energy reserve so that when it becomes necessary to take some back, everyone around you is ready, willing, and happy to give to you.

-Coach Derrick


The world will be a better, more enjoyable place if everyone made the habit of giving energy, positive, to those around them. Give it relentlessly and when you are in need I guarantee it will be relentlessly given to you as well.