Are you serious or are you delirious?

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Are you serious or are you delirious?!

Are your thoughts and actions congruent with your goals?

You most likely have heard this before, write down your goals, plot an action plan to achieve them, and take a look at your plan every day.

Often times, we have goals which we think about loosely, in our head, from day to day. We like to think that our daily actions will one day get us there. More often than not, we live in a slight state of delirium, taking actions that do not align with the achievement of our goals.

The best way to not fall victim to our own habits is to take deliberate, focused action towards our goals every day. This requires goals or targets and a detailed plan to achieve them. The plan does not have to be sexy. In fact, it will most likely look like simple, deliberate, daily actions which become habitual. Such as: waking up at a certain time, meal prepping, time-blocking your day, working out, making phone calls, reading, learning, and many other things. These items usually require less talent and more focus and dedication.

If we are not achieving our goals we must answer the following question with as much honesty and self-awareness as possible:


Are my daily thoughts and actions congruent with my goal?

If yes, have I allotted myself enough time to see this through? Do I need to adjust the plan or should I stick to this course?

If not, why am I off track? Do I actually value this goal? Or do I just kinda wish I could achieve it? What choices am I making that are destructive to my goal and my plan to achieve it?

If we visit our goal and action plan daily, we can make sure that our daily actions are in line with what we truly want for ourselves. The more often you visit a topic/goal, the more likely it will be at the forefront of your mind, dictating the decisions we make.

It is the end of May. Five of the twelve months in 2018 are gone. Many of us, wrote down a fitness related goal on the whiteboard at the beginning of the year. Did you really want to achieve that goal by December 31? What have you done the last 5 months to achieve it? What are you going to do for the next 7?

Remember, sometimes the plan is as simple as showing up and putting in work. See you at the PR board.

Coach Derrick