Alone, Together

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  Right now it is no secret that we are forced to be living a lifestyle that can feel like we are more alone than we have ever been. This is obviously plaguing our social lives right now but if you are like me, you are feeling the affects in our fitness lives. Troy is […]

What is Good Bacteria?

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Microbiome What is in your body? Bacteria, duh?! I found myself the other day walking over towards an end cap at the grocery story and staring at the different brands of Kombucha. How did I even get to this point as an adult getting Kombucha as part of my regular dietary intake? I mean it […]

How Am I Not Losing Weight During Quarantine?

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Quick and Easy 30 lbs in 30 days, this infomercial guarantees it!!! Do you remember watching those infomercials that came on during late night TV when you did not know why you were still up at the crack of dawn? The ones that claimed this new pill will change your diet forever and make you […]

MacGyver Fitness

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With the obvious switch in our pursuit of fitness, it can be easy to let the little things pile up and cause big problems. I know that I personally have let the smallest things keep me from working out or prioritizing fitness. There are so many distractions and annoying little nuances that can cause you […]

3 Tips For Your Favorite MARCO!

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3 Tips for Carbohydrates!   If you’re like me, your favorite MACRO is the Carbohydrate! Are they healthy? Are they unhealthy? When should I eat them? These are just some of the many questions that are always floating around about carbohydrates. And the answer is….it depends. It always depends. Everyone’s scenario is different. Our goals […]


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PRs are sweet aren’t they? Progress on the daily is rewarding isn’t it? Yes is the answer to both of those questions! Of course, we don’t always get those things. Certainly not every day or week and sometimes not every month.  I’ve been doing CrossFit consistently since December of 2011 and prior to that working […]

Low Hanging Fruit

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Last week we touched on a simple way to plan for and prioritize breakfast when you live a busy life and are often on the go. This was important, because we know that nutrition is the foundational layer of our fitness pyramid. NUTRITION > METABOLIC CONDITIONING > GYMNASTICS > WEIGHTLIFTING > SPORT. Any level of […]

Breakfast On The Go

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I’ve written about the prioritization pyramid a few times in the last couple of years…Nutrition is the foundation of health and the foundation of the pyramid. After it comes metabolic conditioning, then gymnastics/calisthenics, then weightlifting, and finally sport. Any kink in these tiers will ripple up the pyramid. If your gymnastics and body control are […]

Join Us for the 2020 Open in 2019!

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In 10 days, the first workout of the 2020 CrossFit Open will be announced. For some elite athletes, this is the first opportunity of the season to qualify for the CrossFit Games and for the sanctional events that take place throughout the year. For the rest of us, the 99%, the Open is something else […]