MacGyver Fitness

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With the obvious switch in our pursuit of fitness, it can be easy to let the little things pile up and cause big problems. I know that I personally have let the smallest things keep me from working out or prioritizing fitness. There are so many distractions and annoying little nuances that can cause you […]

Thought on Simple Movement

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There are hundreds, maybe thousands of different exercise variations. However, given all of the variety, there really are only a few exercise themes. Here are the basic ones:   Squatting Lunging Hinging Single Leg Twisting Pushing Pulling Core   These movements cover all 3 planes, frontal, sagittal, and transverse. The key to great movement, and […]

Hedging Your Fitness

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Have you ever seen a fit person drinking a beer or eating a few slices of pizza? Yes, most of us have. Then we wonder, how do they do it? We ask ourselves, how can they eat like that yet maintain that body? We tell ourselves, they’re lucky, it’s genetics. Sound familiar?   This brings […]