Change That Lasts

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Change That Lasts

I can’t recall exactly where I read it, but here is my best recollection:

Human beings will only change when the pain they must endure to create change becomes less than the pain it takes to remain the same.

This sentence can be applied to so many things that people struggle with: bodyweight and health, finances, drug and alcohol addiction, sexual promiscuity, gossiping just to name a few. Often, we are not inspired to change our ways because the ways by which we choose to live often do not have immediate, major implications. Until they do. Hence the old saying, people change when they hit rock bottom. Rock bottom comes in the form of heart attacks, bankruptcy, overdoses, and the loss of friends and family. Rock bottom can often be the place where the pain of remaining the same is higher than the pain and effort required to spark permanent change.

How do we create change? Change that doesn’t get satisfied when we are half-way to our goal. Change that lasts a lifetime? This type of change will not only take extreme, consistent action, but it will also require yourself to see yourself in a new light. Ask yourself, by what terms do I identify myself? If right now, you are not identifying yourself by who you want to be, then you will struggle to get there because we will always be pulled in the direction of our identity.

Things you may be telling yourself:

I’m fat, I’m overweight, I’m not athletic, I like to enjoy what I eat, I was raised this way, I’ve always been this way, It’s not my fault, I didn’t have a choice

Things you should be telling yourself:

I’m focused, I’m working hard and tracking with my goals, I am an athlete, I have massive momentum, I can and I am doing this.

Of course, other things can come into play like, self-awareness and honesty with ourselves. But those are topics for another day.

In the fitness industry, the most common type of change people seek is to lose weight. And I see it time and time again, loose goals are set, actions are taken momentarily, short term goals are met, satisfaction kicks in, and the long term target is never achieved. This makes me so sad because not only are people selling themselves short, but it also leads me to the question, how is ------ identifying himself?

If your goal is to lose weight, imagine yourself as that person. What choices does that person continually make? What does that person tell themself? How do they feel? How long have they taken the types of actions that have led to where they are today? If you aren’t willing to take those actions and speak to yourself in the manner that person would, then you don’t NEED it bad enough, you just kinda WANT it. If you can see yourself committing to those actions, then identify yourself as that person and start NOW. Don’t let anyone or anything tell you otherwise. Make it happen. Wish for what you Want, but Work for what you Need.

-Coach Derrick