Choosing a Reaction

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Choosing a Reaction

Have you ever told yourself, “That’s just the way I am.”? Or told someone else,”That’s what I always do.”? We often have consistent reactions to repeated/similar scenarios. And often, when our repeated action isn’t optimal, we blame it on REACTION (REsponseACTION). But what we fail to recognize is that every reaction is a choice. A choice that we’ve engrained in our DNA through repeated action, over and over. It eventually becomes our auto response.


If you are not proud of your reactions then it’s time to stop making excuses for yourself. The only thing that will spur change is recognition and deliberate action in the opposite direction. The next time a scenario pops up that you are known to respond poorly to, start with a moment of silence and a deep breathe. Once you’ve cleared your old, trained response pattern, think about how you would like to respond and then make an intentional choice to respond differently. Through time, and not as much time as you may think, your new thought process and in turn trained reactions will develop in a direction that you can be proud of. It will develop into a new reaction that happens without much thought.


Try it out, the next time life hits you hard or just a moment does, handle it with class. Drivers cutting you off, missed lifts in the gym, WOD’s not going so well, someone offending you. The list is never ending. The legacy you leave behind will be largely affected by the way you act in life, treat others, and respond to adversity. Strive for greatness.

-Coach Derrick