Eating Eggs

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Eating Eggs

About a year ago, we had a question of the day: What do you do to get your nutrition back on track when you’ve fallen off? There were a lot of great answers that day that I’m sure they were helpful for those listening attentively. As one of the coaches that day, I heard many of them, one in particular stuck with me and was very profound. Jeff, who has been with us for over a year, and sadly will be moving away from us soon, said,”I eat eggs.” Eggs are nutritious, healthy, and a very simple food that can be eaten as a single ingredient. The key word is SIMPLE, and the point I want to get across today is not necessarily geared towards nutrition but to anything in life where you feel you’ve “fallen” off.

So often our lives or certain elements of our lives can feel like they’re spinning out. Like we have found ourselves in a place and we aren’t quite sure what got us there. We’ve fallen off of our plan whether it be work, finances, fitness, nutrition, family, friendships or personal growth. When we fall off sometimes we find ourselves wondering what to do. We seek help that we may or may not follow. We look for quick fixes. Every once in awhile, we get real serious and write out a detailed plan. Most often we look at our scenario as a whole, see a ton of moving parts, get overwhelmed and continue down our current path, because life, like any moving object has inertia, and the path of least resistance is to continue doing what we’re doing. We continue on secretly hoping that what we’re currently doing will get us where we want to be. Or, we tell ourselves we’ll change tomorrow, over and over.

If you’ve found yourself fallen, think about that word, SIMPLE. Too often we over complicate things. We think that change or progress needs an elaborate plan that takes tons of effort. It doesn’t. When you break it down and take a real look, there are simple foundations everywhere. If your back squat is off, you don’t improve it by doing overhead squats. You improve it by focusing on the quality of your foundational movement, the air squat. You want to change the way you think? Start by setting aside 5 minutes every night, right before you go to bed, for reading a new book. Do you want to exercise 4 days per week? Print a weekly+daily calendar, fill in each of your set obligations, and then look in awe at all of the additional time you actually have. Do you want to improve your nutrition? Start by eating eggs for breakfast. Build that foundational habit first. Then build upon that by improving your lunches, then dinners, and then snack choices.

Most success stories are not overnight gimmicks, they are the culmination of days on end of mastering the SIMPLE basics. It really is that simple. We are the product of our choices to all degrees. Most choices are overly simple. Eat this or that? Go to the gym or go home? Go biking with friend A or to happy hour with friend B? Save $5 or spend $5? Read a book or watch Netflix? Do poor pushups fast or great ones at half that speed? These simple choices become habits and our habits become who we are.

If you want to change who you are, take a look at the simple foundational requirements of who you want to become. Start simple and let your new habit grow into something amazing over time. Start with a 12 pack of eggs.

-Coach Derrick