Enjoy The Ride

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Enjoy The Ride

We are never satisfied. It’s engrained in our human nature. Even if we say we are or momentarily think we are satisfied, we aren’t. Little voices in the back of our heads want more. It’s important to understand that this is natural and it’s okay. Dissatisfaction can lead to hard work, improvement of processes, and in the end better results. It can also have some negative side effects but we’re focusing on the good ones this morning.


So we’ve improved our processes, worked harder, and in turn received a better result. What now? Typically we find ourselves in the same place, dissatisfied and hungry for more. If we understand this about ourselves we can turn it into a great positive. If we’re never going to be 100% satisfied and at peace with results, image, wealth, etc., then where do we find the joy?


The grand achievements are pursued for years and celebrated for days. The joy is in the journey. The hard work. The small improvements that add up to a lot. The people you share it with. Who encourage you, who help you, who inspire you, who you inspire.


In the CrossFit gym, we are all on our own journey of fitness and health. Each of us has a goal or two that we share outwardly, maybe some weight loss, maybe to get a muscle up, or a 300# back squat. We also have goals that we keep close to our heart. Whatever your goals are, it may take awhile to get there. You likely will get there. And when you do, you will probably find yourself dissatisfied. With that said, enjoy each day of work it takes to get there, the friends you make in class, the coaches who guide you, and the athletes who inspire you to cast a wider net. Remember, no matter where you are at in your journey, there is ALWAYS someone watching and wishing that they could do what you do. You inspire.

-Coach Derrick