Excuses That We Disguise As Reasons

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Excuses That We Disguise As Reasons

I would like to provide you with a thousand reasons why I am right in order to justify every action that I take in my life. Wanna listen? No? Dang. We are all really good at rationalizing our choices and actions in order to make ourselves, temporarily, feel better about them. When it comes to our fitness, nutrition and in turn health, we all know we should prioritize it. But, often we use a laundry list of excuses, disguise them as valid reasons, and enable ourselves to continue on our way dissatisfied with our health and how we feel, physically and emotionally, on a day to day basis. You can stop this trend in your life now. Here are some of the common excuses that we hear which may be keeping you out of the gym or preventing you from getting started:


I’m tired.

And you’ll continue to feel this way until you create the habit of physical activity in your life. Your body adapts to the daily stressors that you place on it. If you live a sedentary life, your body has no reason to provide increased energy levels. There is no task at hand requiring it. Increased activity levels will induce increased energy output to support your activity. Stop using this excuse immediately.


Work is really busy right now.

And….it always will be. We all work. Work isn’t going anywhere. That means you have to figure out how to prioritize it now so that it doesn’t become your excuse all the way to the grave. If I told you that there was a magic pill that would increase your focus, happiness, patience, likability, and in turn allow you to accomplish more in 5 hours than you ever could in 8, would you take the pill? Daily exercise can do that for you. It will make everything better and you’d be a fool to not prioritize it.


I have kids.

Just like above, they’re not going anywhere. At least for 18 years. And on top of that, you want to set your children up for success, right? You will have a better relationship with your children if you are happy and healthy yourself. In addition, young children are very impressionable. The things we say and do around them become a part of the “electrical wiring” that molds the adults they will be one day. Not to say they can’t choose to make change later in life, but what we do now affects them. If we exercise and eat healthy in front of them, we’re setting them up to be more likely to do the same. Prioritize your health now in order to be happier and set your children up to live happy and healthy lives too.


I don’t have time.

This is the broad, all encompassing excuse. You’re just saying,”I am not willing to prioritize exercise.” Write out a list of all the things that you do and would like to do. Prioritize them from most important to least. If longevity of your health and happiness are not at or near the top of that list then you’ve got me. You don’t have time. But I’d imagine that they are, and if so, you’ve got to cut out the things that aren’t at the top which are preventing you from having time to workout. Yes, even if it means making sacrifices. And remember, that magic pill that can make everything easier?


I’m not in shape.

Not valid. We all started out not in shape. But if we want our shape, literally, to change we must take action at some point. And regardless of the past days and where we are at now, all that matters is the actions we choose to take now and into the future.


I don’t know anyone.

Not valid. Shake a hand, say hello. One of the best ways to change ourselves is to surround ourselves by those we’d like to be like. If you want to prioritize your health and this is your excuse, you’ve just got to go once and say hello.


I don’t know how.

Invalid. I didn’t know how to do much of anything until I did it and kept on doing it. And we know this.


I don’t enjoy it.

You definitely won’t enjoy not being able to play with your Grandchildren. Keep trying different forms of exercise until you find something you do enjoy. Or, find something that you know is effective and enjoy the results.


I don’t like the workout.

Ehhhhh. Growth often comes in the face of uncertainty and discomfort. Trust the long term process and support your healthy habit of prioritizing exercise.


I am injured.

Depending on the injury this can have some validity. But often, we still need to make it in, and do what we can to work around it. There is no substitute for getting your heart rate up with activity even if it means only using your legs or 1 arm or just your arms. Continue to build your habit of prioritizing your health even through the difficult scenarios.


If you can think of another invalid reason to put off your health please let me know. I’ve probably used it before myself and can provide some insight on how to overcome it. If you’re reading this blog, you are probably well on your way to building the habit of prioritizing exercise. However, there may be someone in your life who needs a push or there may come a time when you begin to falter.


-Coach Derrick