Fish With Bait

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Fish With Bait

When I was a kid, I remember watching an episode of The Simpsons. Bart and Lisa were sitting next to each other, lakeside, fishing. A stranger walked up to them and asked what they were using for bait. Lisa answered for both of them stating that Bart was using worms and she was using nothing. If you’re as old as me, you may remember the episode, Bart catches the 3 eyed fish.

Driving this morning I was thinking about the word Patience and how we implement it in our lives. Fishing requires patience. You can not control the fish but you can control your bait and where you put it. Fishing without bait is a recipe for catching no fish. This leads to the topic of Patience. Specifically, patiently waiting and patiently acting, acting equal to ACTION. You see life will bring us things, sometimes things we are waiting for and other times things unexpected. And we’ve all heard that patience is a virtue. However, waiting patiently without bait on your hook is only hoping that you will get lucky. You need bait. In this case, bait is your action. The better your action the better your chance. It’s not guaranteed that you will catch something today, tomorrow, or ever. But the better your action the better your chance.

If you want something understand that it does take patience and it takes action. Choose a plan, make it a good one, adjust it as you go. Have faith that the process will get you there. Be patient with your process knowing that consistency in your daily action will lead to you getting closer to Goal. Persevere, if your bait falls off, get some more. Try a different approach, get some help. Just understand that many times in life we wish for things, hope for things, yet put a pole in the water with just a bare hook. Don’t do that to yourself. Make a plan, take action, be consistent, and then continue to act patiently until you get there.

-Coach Derrick