Get The Most Of It

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Get The Most Of It!

Derrick recently mentioned an article to me that stated three of the most emotionally stressful scenarios in life were: Death, Divorce and Career Change. At first I didn’t really think too much about it. He and I have both changed our careers multiple times so maybe we are just used to having high stress levels… Who knows?


Then as I was thinking about what to write for this Blog, I remembered the bullet points I listed in: Ladies – Spark Your Life with Fitness Blog post on 9/8/18. The last point talked about longevity and my mind immediately gravitated toward the piece of information Derrick read in regards to stressors in life.


I’m a pretty paranoid person and death scares the crap out of me. With the exception of my grandma, I’ve been blessed to not have many close family members and friends pass away. Yet I would imagine that the article, for me, would paint an accurate statement. I know it would rock my world pretty hard.


So I constantly think about the big picture. What do we mean in regards to longevity in fitness? How do we create that and how could it help our life in the future? Coming from a health and fitness background I think of longevity as living a longer, fuller, supported, confident and active life.


Our goal, with anyone who walks through our doors is to help them fall in love with fitness and activity. We know not everyone will be a CrossFitter forever. But, if we can spark their interest in an active lifestyle, it will carry on to more frequent fitness for longer periods of time, leading to a healthier individual. How cool is it to see 50+, 60+ or even 70+ men and women still leading a life of fitness, in whichever capacity that may be? It could be walking, running, swimming, sports, or even CrossFit!


When I think of health and fitness creating a fuller life, I think of striving to help families find a similar hobby/bond. I know from experience, way before Derrick and I bought a gym, CrossFit and fitness were special things that we shared. We enjoyed seeing one another excel with new PRs, learn new movements, crush WODs and even get humbled by many workouts. It was a bond that, no doubt, made us a stronger couple. We had something new to talk about, new goals in which we both took part in each other’s process, and even found ourselves motivating each other, since we understood what the other felt. Now, having Troy- although he’s only 2, it has been such a blessing to see him genuinely enjoy moving, mimicking, and watching all of our fitnessing! This kid even LOVES Burpees! J

The older we get, the harder it is to find new friends with common interests. CrossFit has given us the opportunity to meet new people, couples and families. Many of our closest friends are also people we met thanks to our current and past boxes. This isn’t something to take lightly. Although many of us can do with the friends we have, you don’t know what true support and friendship can be until you get the chance to continuously open your arms to new people! It’s refreshing, rejuvenating and keeps things very exciting!


Lastly I think about confidence. I can say that many of the people who have walked through our doors, didn’t know a single movement name, or had never touched a weight in the past, will be more willing to walk through the doors of any type of gym with a different level of confidence. This, to me, is very promising! The intimidation that many people have towards fitness slowly deteriorates and gets replaced with a passion to make health and fitness a priority at all costs. If people walk out of our doors with more confidence and an understanding of how to implement fitness into their lives, then we can rest assured that they will keep exercising for a longer period of their lives.


So when I think of longevity, for me personally, I think about my family, friends and my son! The more I work out, stay active, healthy, confident in health and fitness, the more of an opportunity I give myself to live longer, for them. If I can prolong the stress of death to those closest to me while also adding a level of fullness to my life then shoot… I’d do it any day. Obviously I know that I will not live forever but I want to live longer and create as many memories as I can with my loved ones.

-Coach Vianney