Hedging Your Fitness

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Hedging Your Fitness

Have you ever seen a fit person drinking a beer or eating a few slices of pizza? Yes, most of us have. Then we wonder, how do they do it? We ask ourselves, how can they eat like that yet maintain that body? We tell ourselves, they’re lucky, it’s genetics. Sound familiar?


This brings me to the topic of establishing your fitness and then hedging your fitness. First we must decide what level of fitness brings us happiness and inner peace. Maybe this is weight related, aesthetics related, or performance related. Whatever it is, we need to get there first. When you establish exactly where that is, then you are responsible for taking massive action towards achieving it. This will look like weeks, likely months, of consistent daily actions that will get you to your target. This phase in your journey has little room for error. If your goal is to add 50 pounds to your squat, you’ve got to lift often. If you want to lose weight, you’ve got to exercise and eat great foods. Objective A, reach the goal!


Once you’re where you want to be and truly satisfied, you gain some options. If you take a one week vacation, it won’t be the end of the world if you eat a few “unhealthy” meals or have a few nights out with drinks. If you aren’t able to work out for awhile it’s okay, you’ll be able to reestablish your level of fitness rather quickly upon return. If you were to rank your health and or fitness on a scale of 0-100, the closer you get to 100, the more time you can afford before you end up at 0. This is the idea behind hedging your fitness. Hedge your fitness against sickness.


Work hard now to establish a high level of health and fitness by way of focused daily actions in your exercise and food choices. When you reach your target you’ll be able to feel good about making the “fun” decisions that usually involve a cheat meal or not working out while on vacation/extended work travel. You’ll feel better about and take more ownership of your choices. Life will feel less stressful, less restrictive, and overall more enjoyable.


Get where you want to be with action and then once you’re there have a great time maintaining.

-Coach Derrick