Immediate Results

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Immediate Results

Receiving results from something we put a lot of time and effort into can feel very rewarding. For example receiving positive results in school from studying, at work for spending extra time on projects, or at the gym putting more work into getting stronger or learning new things. No matter the forum, I think we can all agree seeing positive results hardly, if ever, come immediately with little work being done.

Sometimes I think that in today’s day and age where we can get most things almost right away and receive instant gratification we expect it more frequently. I’m not going to lie, that’s a great feeling, but it isn’t comparable to things that you have to earn by putting in the time and work. I’m not saying that buying things and working hard for goals are comparable, but that instant gratification feeling definitely is.

I like to sometimes reflect on times when I was still in the early process of learning a movement and think about how bad I was in the beginning and how frustrating it was. A very good example of that for me personally is double-unders. I remember the first couple of times trying them, I could do one, maybe two if I was lucky. To say I underestimated them was an understatement. I recall getting to the point where I just wanted nothing to do with them so I tried to forget all about them. Fast forward to roughly 3 years later and I ended up giving them another shot. I dropped into CrossFit Max Effort before they closed down while visiting my dad in Las Vegas and the workout of the day was Annie. If you are not familiar with Annie it involves a high rep count of double-unders and sit-ups. My immediate thought was that I would definitely get time capped, and around that time I think my max set might have been around 20. Before the workout, Zach Forrest, the owner of Max Effort, went over a few progressions to help with the timing of double-unders and explained them in a way that made me put more thought into jumping rope in general. After that day I would keep practicing on my own and in workouts and my max number grew by probably around 10-20 every week or so. Long story short, the work I put in over the years for double-unders finally paid off after I started stringing big sets together.

I think the main point I wanted to get across from this blog was that some things take time. Often times, the amount of work and the quality of that work can sometimes expedite the process but it doesn’t mean there won’t be a process to achieve that goal you were working for. I encourage everyone that is seeking a goal, especially one in the gym, to keep your focus and be consistent and over time you will definitely have more pride in yourself and a feeling of accomplishment knowing that you did something a lot of people would rather just blow off.

-COACH Tyler