It Always Feels Like Somebody’s Watching Me – Rockwell

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It Always Feels Like Somebody's Watching Me - Rockwell

Yesterday, during my workout, Vianney took a video because Troy was doing the workout with me. He rowed as I rowed. He held himself upside down, upper body at least, as I did handstand pushups. He even was thrusting his hips up into the air, mimicking my kipping motion. Then when he realized I was running to the low rings, he did the same, and proceeded to swing back and forth holding on with his feet up.


I loved that moment I shared with him. I loved the video. I loved his excitement. I was so proud to be his Dad and so happy that he wanted to do what I was doing. Looking at the video, I quickly realized how solid Troy’s rowing technique was. He maintained flat feet. He drove through his legs first, then pulled. After the stroke, he quickly returned the paddle first, past the knees, before he bent the body back towards his “catch” position. I was also in awe to see him throwing his hips into the air during the pushup portion. This moment quickly turned from proud Father to a realization. This kid may be playing with trains, watching videos on the phone, conversing with other children, crying about having to share, or begging for candy, but he is observing, thinking about, and reiterating everything that I do whether at the gym, at home, or anywhere.


Wow. Knowing this, there is huge responsibility. This kid and the other Troy kids are mimicking the things that we do down to minute details. If I’m going to give Troy a fair chance to take on the world, I have to be better. I understand that there are many things outside of our control, especially once they head to school, however it’d be any parents dream to give their children the best shot. I quickly realize that I have to be more aware of many of my actions. The way I respond to adversity. The way I choose to speak. The manner in which I attempt to carry myself. Confidence, humility, remorse, empathy, compassion, love, honesty, are some things that I HAVE to convey.


These kids are the future. We influence them for better, for worse, or for stagnancy. And we don’t only influence our own, we influence each others. We all have to be better. Inspire them. Show them that the world is a great place. Teach them values. Teach them that they have to grasp onto their values and aim not to compromise them, just like our technique in the gym. Show them good form in interaction, solitude, and on the Concept 2 Rower.

-Coach Derrick