Ladies- SPARK your life with Fitness!

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Ladies- SPARK your life with Fitness!


I can’t even tell you how happy I am that we are way past the era when people would say, “You are so good at this… for being a woman.” While you occasionally run into the old schoolers that are set in their ridiculous ways, thankfully it’s more rare now - especially in the fitness world.  


Gone are the days when fitness instruction only came from men or fitness classes were dominated by men. Ladies, health and fitness are just as important to us as anyone else in this world and it is time to step out and breathe the fresh air. Health and fitness are more accessible than ever and the benefits that come along with it are bigger and better than you can EVER imagine!


As a girl and woman that grew up playing sports and is now very active in a fitness community, I can tell you that my never quit mentality and strong self esteem are byproducts of the environment I found myself in. There is no better feeling than standing side by side with other strong, healthy, fit girls/women looking to better themselves. While the commitment to do this (especially as we get older) is very tough, the rewards far outweigh the challenges and trust me… we don’t always feel strong, healthy, fit, etc… it is a matter of trusting the process and getting better each day.


Let’s take CrossFit for example… there are no boundaries here. Women are capable, strong, motivated and determined. We, like men too, are encouraged to individualize our intensity based on where we are in our fitness journey. This simply means that the amount of weight you lift, the equipment you use, the exercises you take on are tailored specifically for you. Safety and longevity are the priority, always.


  • To me, being capable refers to making the time and putting in the effort to prioritize your health. This means getting a membership, showing up to classes and trusting your coaches to lead you.
  • Being strong means mentally staying in the game. Focusing in class, not getting discouraged and stepping out of your comfort zone.
  • Motivation can come in so many ways but there has to be two main ones that cross your mind when you decide to give this health and fitness thing a try. Self Motivation: are you committed to doing something better for yourself and providing your body the opportunity to live longer and better? External Motivation: do you have kids or family that you want to be a good role model for? Wouldn’t you want them to make health conscious decisions that help them live longer and better? I bet they want the same for you. Someone has to be the first to take that step! You can.
  • Living healthy and fit is a lifestyle. Something you commit to for the long haul. If you stay the course and stay determined… it will get easier. I promise. Even when you have been away for a few days, week, months, or years- get back into it. Every day that you add health and fitness into your life is a day closer to a longer and better life.

No one said this process would be easy but it will 100% be worth it. CrossFit or any fitness training, just start one.


Lastly, I’ll leave you with this. I mentioned the benefits can be bigger and better than you can ever imagine. I meant it. I will leave each specific topic for a later blog but here is a list of benefits that can and likely will come from making your health and fitness a priority.

  • Better energy levels. Even if you don’t “feel” like you have low energy- you will see what good energy feels like once you start to give your body the health & fitness high!
  • Better sleep.
  • Confidence! Heck yeah, you’ll do things you never thought you could. It’s pretty awesome.
  • You’ll get stronger and fitter. Imagine how great it will be to not get winded carrying the groceries into the house, or get tired after 2 minutes of carrying your child. You’ll feel strong in ways far more important that the numbers on the barbell.
  • Look better. This is relative to your goals but most of us have some sort of physical goal, big or small. Lose weight, get toned, add muscle… with the help of your coaches, reach your goal. If people are saying you’ll get bulky- they are lying. People who get bulky want to get bulky or don’t set their goals firmly enough to prevent it. Have a plan, stick to you and you will start to look how you want to look.
  • Some of you may find a new hobby to share with your significant other. If you both have a crazy and busy work schedule, this is a perfect outlet and will give you the ability to relate and share a common interest! The best part is you can each be at your own level of fitness but still share it - all in one place!
  • A community of support. CrossFit is known for its “Community” and while some call it a cult, it’s the healthiest type of cult I have ever been around. Yes we talk about CrossFit all the time but mainly because we are fascinated by all the cool things we are doing. Think about it like this. We have a common hobby. Wouldn’t you talk to your friends about your common hobby? Either way, you make lifelong friends. People you see on a daily basis and often end up hanging out with outside of the gym. Friends! Who doesn’t need more of those! 🙂
  • You’ll surprise yourself. You will accomplish movements and complete workouts that you may never have thought possible. Baby steps will add up to major strides over the course of time and you will be damn proud of yourself for it!
  • Prioritize YOU! Taking this step gives you an excuse to love yourself. Make yourself a focus, everyday. Make your body your focus. Make your mind matter. Make living a longer life important.


The cool thing is that we, Troy CrossFit, have a few resources in place that help make this easier for you: 1-on-1 Kickstart Session with a coach to discuss your fitness history and fitness goals. We also use a functional movement screen. This helps your coaches and you as an athlete figure out if you have movement restrictions or imbalances and also develop a game plan for you to move forward. We offer over 40 classes per week. 20 of those classes offer supervised child sitting!!


Be stronger than your excuses. You can do it! We want to help you.


Coach Vianney