Lessons from a Competition

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Lessons from a Competition

Yesterday was an amazing day. I got to spend my 36th birthday competing at The Proving Grounds SoCal Fitness Classic with Coach Tyler and Nick as my teammates. The weather was great, the ocean water was cool, and the workouts were tough. Every activity in life can be a learning lesson, even CrossFit competitions. And yesterday I had a bunch of takeaways. Here is a key one:



On workouts #2 and #4, our team was unaware of a couple rules to the particular rules to the events. On #2, during 30 hang squat cleans, the barbell was not allowed to touch the ground until the 30th rep was completed. We did 6 cleans and dropped the bar, then 6 more and set the bar down. None of those reps counted. On #4, we didn’t know that we were supposed to complete full rounds as individuals before transitioning back over the hay bales. In workout #2 this may have cost us a place and on workout #4 it didn’t hurt or benefit us. In either case, it’s very important to choose a response to the scenario. Obviously our initial reaction was one of not wanting to take responsibility for it. They didn’t brief those particular standards and our judge didn’t catch it right away. The easy way out would be to place blame. Proving Grounds always does a great job with their workouts and giving everyone access to all of the info they need to compete. Their website listed both sets of these rules under their workout descriptions. With this in mind, it was my fault that our team didn’t know these rules. As a leader, I should have read through all of the fine details of each workout and prepared our team. I didn’t do that. My mindset was very passive leading into this, mainly just focusing on working out. My takeaways on this topic: Even in times of fun, it is important to lead efficiently. This is even more important when you are representing more than yourself. In this case, Troy CrossFit and Movement RX as our team sponsors. And, in that split second when you have to choose whether to place blame or take responsibility, it is very important to realize that the incident has already happened and can not be undone. With that in mind, what can we do, our part, to make it better and not worse. Figuring out who to blame achieves nothing. Figuring out how to ensure it doesn’t happen again, now that warrants value.


I had a great time yesterday. Thank you Nick and Tyler for letting an old man be on your team. I was super pumped to hear Nick say that he felt he found another gear yesterday. You are an amazing athlete. I appreciate the members who came out to support us. The Troy CrossFit community is the best. I love my wife and son who came out to hang and thank you Troy for giving me a 5th workout chasing you around in the ocean. It was refreshing. Finally, thanks to Coach Niko for holding down the fort back home so that I could do what I love with the people that I love. Can’t wait for the next one.

-Coach Derrick