My Favorite Christmas Memory

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My Favorite Christmas Memory

I was either 4 or 5 years old. Can’t quite remember. What I do remember was my little sister Erica was there and I was super happy to see my Mom who I hadn’t seen in awhile. Mom was starting from scratch. I remember her small apartment and a small end table with a mini Christmas tree on it. Under that tree were 2 gifts, 1 for Erica and 1 for me. My gift was a little blue teddy bear. I named him Bluey. I loved that bear so much. My Mom gave it to me and it reminded me of her.


Christmases in my life since have been very fortunate. Both of my parents are amazing and I grew up with everything I ever needed and a lot of what I wanted. We always had big trees, lots of gifts, and wholesome meals. I loved every one of them.


This day and age it seems so easy to get caught up in a web of outside influence around the Holidays. Stress, busy-ness, inadequacy, amongst other things.The Bluey Christmas always brings me back. It was simple. Love. Giving. Family. Content. Peace. Gratitude. At the time, my Mom probably could barely afford that bear. But she gave and I was grateful for the time with her and Erica. I hope that I instill the same Gratitude in my son Troy and that he’ll reflect one day on his earliest Christmases.


Values and Time. Amongst all of the hooplah, remember what’s important. Love, Gratitude, Peace & Goodwill Towards All.

-Coach Derrick