Personal Intensity

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Personal Intensity

It’s been a long day and I’m just happy to be here.


We’ve all been there. Here but definitely not present. If you’re checked out mentally and lack focus, what are the odds you will be able to concentrate on moving well? What are the odds that you’ll have a good time and feel successful after your training session?


Coming in present means that you understand where you are at mentally, physically, and emotionally. You are prepared to listen, take direction, and focus to the best of your ability. When you understand where you are at in the present moment, then you can make the decisions that best serve your WHY. For most of us, that is feeling great mentally, physically, and emotionally as well as living a longer, stronger, healthier life.


Here are a few common examples of how we can take our daily scenario and turn our 75 minute workout into a present and focused session:


  1. I got 4 hours of sleep last night and just worked a 10 hour day. I’m stressed out and I need this workout to maintain my sanity. The WOD has two of my favorite movements in it, Push Press and Deadlifts, combined with one that I hate, Running. Since I’m feeling pretty wrecked today, I’m going to push my competitiveness aside. I’m going to drop weight and sub dumbells for the barbell movements that I’m good at, so that I can have more focus and energy for the runs. With lower energy levels I’m just going to live to move well today. This way I don’t lose focus on technique, exposing me to potential injury. I’m going to walk away feeling really great about my runs today and I’m going to feel great tomorrow!


  1. I have the day off of work so I’m at the 9am class. I slept great and feel even better, however I have this nagging pain in the front of my shoulder that has been around for a couple of days. The WOD has my favorite movement in it, Pullups, combined with Box Jumps and Rowing. Even though the pullups are in my wheel-house, I don’t think my shoulder can handle the overhead movement or the kipping motion. I’ll slow things down by subbing them out today for Bent Dumbell Rows. Then I will really give it my all on the Row machine and the Box Jumps! This is the best decision for me today because all I’m trying to do is get stronger and live longer. A bum shoulder will prevent me from working out so the only option that makes sense for my goals is to let it heal up.


  1. Yesterday was my rest day, I had the best day at work, and I feel amazing! The workout has Front Squats in it which I’ve really been working hard on, the RX weight appears heavy, but it is right in the range that coach said is acceptable for the workout. The other movement is burpees and I love those. Today, I’m going to test my limits, compete against myself, and use the energy around me to really push this workout to my max.


These are all common scenarios that each of us are often presented with throughout our training week. It’s important that we make decisions and take actions that are in line with our short term goals and long term targets. Being present in the moment, understanding ourselves, accepting guidance from your coach, and setting our egos aside will not only help us make great choices in the gym but it will help us stay healthy. When we’re healthy we can work out with RELATIVE intensity each day. When we do that we get results and live longer, healthier, happier lives.