At Troy CrossFit, we understand that intense effort combined with proper movement patterns maximize results and safety. With this in mind, we program classic CrossFit workouts consisting of functional movements designed to improve your fitness in the areas of cardiovascular/respiratory endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, coordination, agility, balance, and accuracy.

We also understand that every member of our community is on their very own journey in discovering their fitness. Many, if not all, of us, have issues with some of our movement patterns. With this in mind, we provide two training options for each CrossFit class, Core, and Power, completed side by side with every member of the community. With the guidance of our coaching team and the awareness of your personal needs, we allow you to choose which option you’d like to participate in each day. We are all unique, and you may find that one day you choose CORE and the next POWER.


The Core option is designed to build a strong structure for movement before advancing to technical barbell and gymnastic movements. The focus here will be to improve midline stability, endurance, and control, minimize muscular imbalances, strengthen critical muscles, and open up a range of motion. We accomplish this through holding static positions at end ranges of a movement, unilateral loading with kettlebells and dumbells, neuromuscular training, and mobility work. These facets will allow athletes to support the load, evenly distribute the workload between left and right sides, as well as maximize strength through entire ranges of motion. The Core program will get you where you want to be without skipping crucial steps that are important to your safety and longevity in fitness.


The Power option is designed to build upon a strong base. Athletes will be challenged with an array of core to extremity movements at varying loads and intensities, with the goal of increasing each of the areas of fitness mentioned above. You could call this “classic” CrossFit, but we just consider it the proper progression in fitness complimenting our Core option.