High Performance Hockey

Are you stuck at home or unable to train how you'd like to? We have a solution!

High Performance Hockey by Troy CrossFit will now have an easy to follow, fully equip program where you can train with from the convenience of their house but still work on your fitness, hockey, nutrition and even learn about the recruitment process.

Package options are customizable based on your goals and desired commitment level! Check it out and register ASAP, limited space is available.


Are you looking to keep your field hockey skills sharp, stay fit and have fun this summer? This is the program for you!

We offer 3 different packages to choose from. Athletes will get to choose the package based on their goals and desired time commitment. The program is easy to follow with the use of the True Coach App which includes pre-recorded drills intended to improve your overall skills, pre-recorded fitness programs for any fitness level & daily tasks you'll follow!

This is a monthly membership so the commitment is on you to finish the program on time. Should you need more time, it will take you into month two of the program with the next charge. If you choose to stop at one month, you'll need to let us know to please stop the membership 5 days before your bill date.


3 Weekly Fitness Workouts (Easy to follow, all levels of fitness)

3 Weekly Daily Tasks ( 5 Minute Action Plans to improve all areas of training)

3 Weekly Field Hockey Drills (Easy to follow, all levels of hockey)

** Athletes will have access to True Coach to see written and video descriptions for all drills!


Bronze Package Included +

Basic Nutrition Guide & Weekly Tasks

30 Minute Bi-Weekly Zoom Call with your Personal Success Coach

   ** Choose to discuss: drills, game strategy or fitness



Bronze & Silver Package Included +

30 Minute Bi-Weekly Recruitment Assistance Zoom Call

30 Minute Monthly (or 15 Minute Bi-Weekly) Nutrition Zoom Call

30 Minute Monthly Game Film Review


More Information


  • Field Hockey Program
    • Easy to Follow Drills with Written, Visual and Video Instructions/Details.
    • Minimal Equipment
      • (Stick, Balls, Hockey Stick, Rebound Board (or object) and (occasionally) a passing partner. This can even be a parent or sibling as the partner won't be doing too much.
    • Beginner to Intermediate - drills can be for anyone, intensity will be determined by the player.
    • Coaches can provide Advanced players with more challenging variations
    • Drills will range from Defensive to Offensive skills!
    • Goalkeeping Program upon request.
  • Fitness Program 
    • Thorough Warm Up & Cool Downs
    • Simple Workouts with little to no equipment!
      • Mini Bands & one Dumbbell or Kettlebell
    • Core workouts and full body workouts lasting 40-45 minutes total!
  • Nutrition Program
    • Specific Guidance with athlete performance in mind
    • Awareness surrounding nutrition, sleep, hydration, recovery, etc.
    • Simple and basic guidance making it easy to follow for players and NOT creating more work for parents.
  • Recruitment Assistance 
    • Identifying schools that meet the player's needs/wants
    • Discussing proper recruitment channels and options
    • Organization in breaking down the process for families


High Performance Hockey Coaches: 

Vianney Yamada (Campos) 

  • Former Head Field Hockey Coach at UC Davis
  • Former USA National Team Player
  • Division 1 All American at University of the Pacific
  • Former High School Coach at Cathedral Catholic
  • Nike Field Hockey "Camp" Director since 2015
  • Level 2 USA Field Hockey Coach
  • CrossFit Level 2 Coach & CrossFit Kids Coach
  • NASAM Personal Trainer
  • vianney@troycrossfit.com




Katie Fixsen

  • Head Field Hockey Coach at Cathedral Catholic High School
  • Division I Field Hockey Player
  • Level 1 USA Field Hockey Coach
  • Nike Field Hockey Camp Assistant Director Since 2015
  • Former Futures Coach
  • katie@troycrossfit.com







Chasity Hawkins 

  • Dryvn Nutrition Coach
  • Nutrition Precision Certified Coach
  • chawkins@dryvnlife.com







Sample Drill by High Performance Hockey