The food that you fuel your body with effects how you feel when you wake up each morning, energy level throughout the day, performance at the gym, recovery from exercise, your ability to get a quality night of sleep, as well as your long term health. With that said, your nutrition plan is just as important as exercise. If you are looking for nutrition guidance because you want to clean up the way you eat, have aesthetic goals, or want to increase your performance levels, the Troy Crossfit team is here for you. Our passion goes beyond the one hour we get to spend with you each day. Let us help you with the other 23 hours by customizing a nutrition program to fit your goals.


30 - 45 min session

$40 /per session

Personal Training

1-hour sessions

$75 / per session

Personal Training - 10 Pack

10 Personal 1-hour session

$650/per pack


30 min session

$30 / per session