Pregnancy & Postpartum Programs

Pregnancy & Postpartum Programs

At Troy CrossFit, we understand that the pregnancy and postpartum journey requires a different level of caution and intention during training. In order to best serve our new moms and soon to be moms we feel that understanding our breathing, stability and being proactive in our healing will keep them safe yet active throughout this new chapter. We offer three training programs that are easy to follow on the TrueCoach App, provide thorough video and written descriptions, and incorporate BirthFit's recommendations to training while pregnant or postpartum.


Three Programs Available: Pelvic Floor, Midline & Hip Stability

4 Workouts Per Week / 1 Month Per Program

$60 Per Program


These programs can be done as accessory to your training or instead of your training. Our recommendation is to discuss with your coach to decide which option is best for you!


Pelvic Floor

This program will develop awareness around your pelvic floor. Whether you are recently postpartum with trauma that needs to heal, have a weak or overactive pelvic floor or want to be proactive during pregnancy- this program can help you! This program requires the uses minimal equipment and can be altered dependant on the equipment you do have access to. The rest of it is bodyweight focused. 


The midline program will start to focus on rebuilding or maintaining strength within core muscles and helping heal any diastasis recti should you have that. We will focus on creating stability using your breathing to support your midline and back! Anyone, of any fitness level or walk of life can totally benefit from this program. 

Hip Stability

Our hip stability program will be great for anyone experiencing low back or hip discomfort. Often times during pregnancy we find that the hips shift and create a lot of nagging pains. Our goal is to use this program to strengthen around the pelvis including: low back, hip flexors, glutes, hamstrings and so forth!