Reason Be Your Guide

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Reason Be Your Guide

This weekend we hosted our third Rookie Rollout Competition. It was a ton of fun and served its purpose as a grounds for new CrossFitters to explore their fitness. Just like in the gym each day, this competition had an array of participants. It was clear that there were participants who wanted to see if they’d like competition, those who wanted to prove to themselves that they could do it, and those who came out believing that they were going to win. Each approach was correct for each person.


Each participant at the Rookie Rollout had their own objective going in. If we have a takeaway from this that we can all apply to our own daily CrossFitting it’s this: We all share a desire to live a healthy life, yet we also have our own objective and purpose to why we choose to do CrossFit. There are many purposes but here are some common ones. For most, we enjoy the constant variance, the coaching, the challenge, the personal growth, and the results. Some have trouble without structure and appreciate showing up and being told what to do. Others, are training with the intention of competing at a higher level.


It’s important to know what your reason for doing CrossFit is. This will keep you grounded in principle each day when you step into the gym. It will guide your workout decisions and give you peace of mind with your daily performance. Knowing and living your reason will prevent you from getting wrapped up in unhealthy comparison to others who have different reasons. It will also keep you on track, coming to the gym, getting fitter, healthier, happier, and building resilience needed to take on the journey of life.

-Coach Derrick