Scaling Benefits by Coach Tyler

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Scaling Benefits by Coach Tyler

Scaling is an important facet of CrossFit as a whole. Without scaling, we would be assuming every single person is in the exact same situation physically, which is not the case. We all have limitations, whether they are injuries, range of motion limitations or others. These limitations are just a part of life but one thing they have in common is they all prohibit us in some way from safely performing certain movements or moving certain loads of weight. With all that being said, scaling is what can help every single person receive the same stimulus for any given workout while also being safe in the process.

I know that everyone is competitive in some aspect of life, that’s human nature. In the gym, being competitive is a frequent occurrence that can push people to choose not to scale when it might be the smarter option. Ego is also another factor that comes into the equation. Sometimes, seeing that RX weight in the workout and thinking it’s the only option isn’t the right way to approach it. These thoughts are normal and fine, but it doesn’t mean you should necessarily choose to not put any thought into your workout before starting.

However, on the flip side, finishing an RX workout for the first time is very exhilarating. The good thing about CrossFit is that every workout is different, we won’t be bench pressing 250 lbs 20 times then running 3 miles everyday. So scaling one workout doesn’t necessarily mean you have to scale each and every workout you ever do.

The main point I wanted to get across with these few paragraphs was that scaling a workout does not make you a lesser person. It in fact makes you a smart person who will end up reaping the benefits of receiving a more focused workout. Our immediate goal is to spread health and fitness and a great way of doing that is being conscious of our decisions before and during a workout.

-COACH Tyler