Stay Strong

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Stay Strong

The Holidays are upon us. Things are going to get busy or at least feel that way. The excuses will start to present themselves. Tired. Work. Shopping. People. Family. Time. Traffic. Travel. There are hundreds. If you let the excuses win, you might find yourself staring in the mirror on January 1, wishing you didn’t let an entire month slip by. You’ll be motivated to get back in action but you’ll feel as if you are starting from square one. Is this what you want? Probably not.


Someone once asked Jerry Seinfeld how he became so funny. His answer was that he wrote a joke every single day. Some were really good, most were not. Over time he developed into the comedian we all know. My favorite marketing guru and blogger, Seth Godin, speaks about the importance of showing up each day. Putting out work, understanding that not all of it will be a hit. If we only put out what’s perfect, we’ll never put anything out. What matters is consistency. Now I know we’re not trying to be the best at exercise. We CrossFit to live a happier, healthier life outside of the gym. However, we can take away something valuable from this. No matter how we feel this December, stressed, overwhelmed, busy, etc, if we commit to just showing up, we’ll come out in January in a better place. We may not feel our best this month due to less sleep or poor holiday diets, but at least we showed up. Put in work. Made gains or at the least preserved them.


This December commit to your consistency. Amongst all of the hooplah get to the gym. Prioritize those 4-5 workouts per week. Mix in at-home, bodyweight wods. Mix in a run. On January 1 you will feel ahead of the game and you won’t feel the need to make another New Years health resolution. Stay Strong!

Coach Derrick