Thank You Jaron

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Thank You Jaron

We had an amazing turnout for The WOLF workout yesterday celebrating the life and family of Jaron. It was awesome to see so many come together to work hard. There was a lot of smiling, a lot of grinding, and no complaining. At the end of it all a lot of satisfaction.

Anytime someone passes, whether they were a family member, a close friend, acquaintance, or not, the opportunity for reflection presents itself. In reflection we sometimes are left wondering why? What if? Amongst a slough of other questions. I myself have been asking many questions internally over the last few weeks. I’ve also had time to expand my thoughts and mindset because of this tragedy. During the workout brief yesterday I was able to share a little of that but of course that time was limited.

Jaron thank you for the opportunity you gave us to know you while here at Troy CrossFit. When I look back I realize that you embodied every one of the Troy CrossFit CORE Values each time you came into the gym. I wish that I had more time to share with you then and I wish that we had more time now to see where our relationship could have gone.

Through this incident I’ve thought of a couple things. And here they are:

The greatest friends that I have in my life were not a result of immediate friendship. In fact, many of these relationships took time to develop. You see, as humans, one of our first instincts is to put a guard up. We judge too early, we make assumptions, we avoid. Our mission is to not let people in. Sometimes we end up getting to know someone by chance, through an unintended interaction, a conversation with them eases our fears, lowers our guard, and makes us feel comfortable. Or maybe through more and more exposure we learn that someone is genuine and caring and we want to have more of that in our life. Either way, friendship takes luck, time, effort and a willingness to be uncomfortable. Every once in awhile these things come together and a friendship ensues. Friendships bring us back. They give full circle. They make life more enjoyable. We should pursue more of them. We should give a couple more minutes, ask a couple more questions, listen a little more attentively. I’ve learned that I want to pursue more friendships instead of guarding the circle that I currently have.

Energy. We’re either giving or we’re taking. We will all have tough seasons in our lives when we will need to take energy from others. Seasons of hardship, grief, uncertainty, despair. In these times our friends and family carry us through. Energy is contagious and attracts like energy. If we spend our lives giving energy or only taking from others, when times come where we truly need help from others, the offering may be low. If we’re a light in the life of others my bet would be that when the time comes to take a little, we will be offered a lot. 

Although we can not give 100% of ourselves to everybody we can give all of ourselves to our interactions. This can be a wave to a stranger in our 1 second passing with them. A hello and a high five as we pass by someone in class at the gym. A question and engaged conversation in the two minutes after class, with someone new. It can be dinner with a potential new friend. Interact with meaning. If we’re going to do something do it with intention. Get the most out of it. The energy invested will multiply and come back to you in heaps, especially when we need it the most.

Jaron gave energy. He was kind. He was driven. He was funny. He was outgoing. He gave a lot. I wish I could have given him more. I wish we had more time together. I thank him for the life lessons that I’ve been able to reflect on recently. I wish his family the best. I know that his influence will live on in this gym where our goal is to build a community of gratitude, enthusiasm, excellence, integrity, and individualized intensity. Thank you Jaron.

-Coach Derrick