Thought on Simple Movement

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Thought on Simple Movement

There are hundreds, maybe thousands of different exercise variations. However, given all of the variety, there really are only a few exercise themes. Here are the basic ones:





Single Leg






These movements cover all 3 planes, frontal, sagittal, and transverse. The key to great movement, and thus great results, is mastering the basics to these simple themes. How good are your air squats, banded good mornings, walking lunges, seated presses, ring rows, and planks?


Workouts for time or an app like sugarwod are great for maximizing performance, motivation, and togetherness. But, they are not meant to be distractions from the task at hand: move as well as you can at a high intensity that is relative to your capability.


All too often I see athletes neglect the simple movement patterns over and over. It is not a surprise to me that the same athletes are the ones who hit ceilings in the amount of weight that their movement pattern can handle. Or, they suffer a preventable injury. A coach can give you a verbal cue, a visual cue, and even a tactile cue to help you out. Hopefully this helps. If it makes sense to you apply it. If it doesn’t make sense to you tell your Coach. It is our job to think of a way to relay the info to you in a way that makes sense to you. If it does make sense to you, don’t choose to ignore this valuable information. It might just be what you need to get over the hump.


Bottom line, none of us move perfectly but if we try to move perfectly every time, in the end we will move very well, preventing injury and plateau. We can add intensity to a good movement pattern in the form of load or speed. If your coach tells you that you need work on a particular movement, trust them. Take one step back today to take two steps forward tomorrow.


“It is not the motion of the ocean but the focus in the motion that yields big waves.” : )                

 - Wiseman

Coach Derrick