To Compete or Not To Compete?

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To Compete or Not To Compete?

Many of us are intrigued by the idea of CrossFit competitions, also known as “exercise racing.” Many athletes wonder:


Should I try one?

Am I ready for this?

Will I win?

Will I be the worst one out there?

I’ve competed before and am not sure if it’s for me.

Will I get get hurt?


Amongst other questions and thoughts.


Here is my advice for you:


Compete if:


You want to use the crowd, the energy, and the performances of others to see what your best possible performance is.


You understand that on competition day, the work has already been done. Now you’re testing your body not against 1 workout, not against other people’s performance, but against a day’s worth of workouts.


You are rooting for the people around you to perform to the best of their ability. This breeds positive energy in your mind and heart and will equal a strong showing for yourself.


You have earned confidence in your movement patterns and you know that you’ll be able to maintain focus on them when in competition mindset.


You want to challenge yourself and do something that you’ve never done before, doing it for you. Not to win, not to not lose, but to show yourself that you are fit and that this is your lifestyle now and moving forward.


Do not compete if:


You can’t stand people cheering for you, because they will be. There is a difference between this and preferring people don’t and/or blocking it out. If it causes you anger and hinders your performance then that is an issue.


You don’t respond well to a peer/judge holding you accountable for standards.


You find yourself rooting against others so that you can beat them. This energy is extremely negative, it doesn’t feel good for you or for the aura that you put out towards others, and it won’t maximize your personal performance.


You know that you tend to be reckless in the pursuit of victory. Moving poorly on purpose with the intention to add speed is a recipe for injury. No prize is worth a medical setback.


You get angry when you lose. When you sign up for a competition, you have relatively no control over the caliber of athlete that you’ll be competing against. Other than choosing the division that is right for you, based on your capabilities with the movements, usually anyone can sign up. On game day, the work has been done. If Tia-Claire Twomey signs up in your division, it doesn’t really affect your performances either way. If only one other person signs up for your division, you have a really good shot to win. The only thing you can control and therefor be concerned about is your preparation: training, sleep, eating, game-day meals, mindset. Everything else is a wildcard so don’t let it affect you.


There are obviously many other considerations, but these are crucial ones. At the end of the day, does competing bring you positive energy and enrich your life? Or does it bring out your worst characteristics that you’d rather avoid? Answer that and you’ll know if you’re ready to compete now.


Happy competition hunting!


-Coach Derrick