What Now?

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What Now?

The 2019 CrossFit OPEN has come to an end. 5 Weeks of workouts that either pushed us to the max, slowed us down substantially, or shut us down completely. The Open, while a benchmarking opportunity, shows us where there is opportunity to improve. We ask ourselves, “How can I be better at that workout next year?” We tell ourselves,”I’m going to invest more time in working on that weakness.” If you have found yourself thinking this way in the last week or so, NOW is the time to take action and here are some things that you must consider.

Your intrinsic goals. Why do you workout? Taking 1 CrossFit class per day, 4-5 days per week, is a commitment in itself. It is also a great way to build a high level of strength, power, and cardiovascular + respiratory endurance envied by many outside of our gym. If you’re good with that right there, then there is no need to chase 50 strict handstand pushups, 30 bar muscle ups, or a 225 pound squat clean. In no way are those items indicative of what we require in order to live a long, healthy, and functional life.

Time commitment. So you enjoy the challenge of new movements, additional strength, and see the Open workouts as a mountain that you want to climb. Outside of your regular CrossFit classes, do you have additional time? Time that you are willing to pull away from other sectors of your life and prioritize towards working out more? Sometimes we want something, but we just kinda want it. We kinda want a lot of things. When we kinda want it we prioritize it for a short while until something else that we kinda want flashes itself. Are you willing to sacrifice time for increased gains?

Rebuilding. Are you willing to slow things down in order to take leaps forward? Often times difficult movements or certain weights shut us down. We keep trying and trying and trying to accomplish it, trying and trying to overcome it by doing that movement or lifting it until we lift it. If your movement patterns are off or your body is out of alignment, regularly throwing additional repetition at it is like over working a machine with cracked levers. Eventually it breaks down and the cost to repair is expensive. This is often a short term recipe that satisfies our ego and doesn’t strengthen our body. If you are ready to invest more time on your fitness, that time is valuable and should be maximized. Rebuilding equates to perfecting your foundational movements, adding in single leg and arm work to reduce imbalances, building strict strength, drilling instead of doing, and the most important, sacrificing workout speed during normal classes to ensure that all of your hard work towards better movement patterns doesn’t go out the door because you need to beat your frenemy in today’s wod.

3 key considerations. Is increasing your fitness at a higher rate in line with what is truly important to you? If so, do you have the time to commit? If yes and yes, are you willing to rebuild yourself from the ground up? Yes? Then we want to help you! Want to squat and deadlift more? Need more upper body gymnastics strength? Want to build up a particular gymnastics movement or improve a problem movement? Talk to a coach soon. Success requires a plan for the hard work ahead. We have a number of plans available or can customize one to fit your time dedication and goal. Don’t go at it alone. Cheers to crushing Open 2019 version 2.0 (October)!!!


-Coach Derrick