Your One Thing?

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Your One Thing?

Three years ago, a friend and mentor recommended a book to me, The ONE Thing, by Gary Keller. This was at a time when I was searching to find guidance to match my growing aspirations. On a Thursday drive from SD to Tahoe, for a summer camping trip with friends, I downloaded the book and listened to it the entire 10 hour drive up. The concept of this book was incredibly simple and insightful.


It was all about “The surprisingly simple truth behind extraordinary results.” A lot of it seemed like a no-brainer until I realized that I was often living my life in the exact opposite fashion of what Keller recommends.


What is your one thing? Your one thing is THE THING that makes everything else you do either easier or irrelevant. If you could pick the one action item that made everything else in your life magically fall into place, what would that be? Sounds like something that deserves to be prioritized, right? Sounds like something that no matter the scenario, you don’t put off until later, right? Sounds like something that you dedicate your time to and never let anyone steal that time from you, right?


Sounds simple? All too often we start our day with great intentions. We’re motivated, we’re gonna crush it. Then distraction (A) presents itself. Something that isn’t all that important but at the time seems urgent. Maybe an email. Maybe someone else’s problem. Anything. How often do you let this distraction prioritize itself? Distraction (B) follows and now we are caught up in putting out fires, handling things that don’t lead to growth, and flat out not using our time effectively.


But what about that ONE thing? The one thing that makes everything else easier or irrelevant. We’d be a fool to set that thing aside right? Don’t set it aside anymore. The ONE thing deserves all of your attention for the period of time that you must dedicate to it. Whether it is 1 hour or 4, put on the blinders and crush that one task. Maybe it’s generating leads for your business. Maybe it’s meal prepping. Maybe it’s investing in quality time with your family. Whatever it is, prioritize it by setting aside a set time each day where you focus on it. Aim for a time early when your energy level and effectiveness are highest. Hold onto that timeblock like it’s your last dollar. Don’t let anyone or anything STEAL that time from you. It’s the one thing that deserves so much focus and effort because it is the glue that not only holds it all together but also spurs growth, change, opportunity, love, and abundance.


What is your ONE thing?


-Coach Derrick